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C & Z Profiles

STAHABAU C & Z profiles are made from hot-dip galvanised, high-strength steel sheet.

The C profiles are used as wall framework elements as a substructure for façade cladding. Due to the wide base flange, the cladding easily withstands wind strains.

Used as purlins, the Z profiles create the substructure for roofing. The purlin flanges have different widths so that the profiles can be interlocked as overlapping structures. This overlapping is additionally screwed in place. The result is better support of the roof loads, which is a big advantage in terms of static stability. The special shaping ensures optimal profile rigidity and strength.

We perform static stability calculations so that we can optimise your profiles specifically for your purposes.

Our lightweight construction steel products at a glance:

  • High dimensional precision of purlins and substructure elements due to state-of-the-art payoff and punching systems as well as CNC edging technology.
  • Any length up to 8000 mm is possible.
  • S320GD+Z275 material quality according to DIN EN 10346
  • Material thickness from 1.50 to 3.00 mm
  • Greater flexibility and shorter delivery times compared to roll profiling due to the use of edging technology.
    • Mark of conformity for lightweight construction profiles according to DASt Directive 016
Our C and Z profiles in detail