Trapezblechherstellung Trapezoidal sheet production Produkcja blachy trapezowej 
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Trapezoidal sheet production

Several rolling mills in series shape the sheet into a trapezoidal profile form. This gives the steel sheet its enormous rigidity and load-bearing capacity. The fully automated profile shaping method ensures consistent high quality.

Depending on your order, the required steel coil is clamped into the machine (coil weights of up to 10,000 kg are possible). Then the roll forming line gives the sheet its profile. Finally, with the aid of CNC, the required lengths and quantities are cut, stacked and packed ready for transport.

We exclusively process strip-coated, hot-dip galvanised sheet according to DIN EN 10169-1 with a 25µm polyester coating.

You can choose the colour from our standard colour chart. The inner side of the sheet is finished with a protective paint coating 10µm thick. The zinc quantity is approx. 275g/m².

The colour coated sheets are also available as flat panels in our standard colours.

We supply our flat panels to further processing companies covered with a protective film.

The film is UV-resistant and easy to peel off.

We exclusively use this protection-backed material to produce our edge elements such as ridge caps and corner angles to prevent damage during transport and installation.